Creating a distinguished look for your home. Chimney pots offer both aesthetically pleasing architectural enhancements as well as function.

Hand crafted chimney pots can be created and installed to add style and increase flue performance on a chimney. They are made from modified-GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), which significantly reduces their weight. For example, our chimney pots are repeatedly 1/3 the weight of our competitors. This is just one reason why our custom designs cost less than pieces mass produced elsewhere! You can choose from a mortar mount, chimney mount, crown mount or inside flue mount.

The Dictionary of Architecture and Construction defines a chimney pot as “A cylindrical pipe of brick, terra-cotta, or metal placed atop a chimney to extend and thereby increase the draft.” Tudor or Medieval Revival style buildings often have wide, very tall chimneys with round or octagonal “pots” on top of each flue.